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Going to Church VS. Being the Church

September 10, 2014

bish book coverJesus promised to “build” His church (Mt. 16:18-19) but Scripture never calls us to “go” to church.

That’s the basis for an insightful book with the clever name, I Don’t Go to Church. It helps individuals or a teaching team guide their congregation to make a shift in outlook, creating a “church without walls” where every church member realizes they’re in full-time ministry.

The author, Dave Bish, pastors a growing church near Pittsburgh and speaks from a pastor’s perspective. His approach is fresh and engaging with chapter titles like “Why You Shouldn’t Go to Church” and “Jesus Never Said to Go Witnessing.”

In short, this quick read challenges flawed and dysfunctional views of church. This timely book will help you – and those you teach – to see the church as all Jesus intends it to be.

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