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Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Discipline for Churches

October 9, 2013

Churches that are leading the charge in becoming more generous are taking their giving to a whole new level. Generous churches are teaching differently about money and going to great lengths to model generosity. This next generation of churches continues to advance the idea of generosity even further by modeling a generous life at every level of leadership and concentrating on ministry to change the hearts of their congregations. Leadership Network’s paper, Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Spiritual Discipline for Churches, previously published by Chris Willard and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“The average Christian in America gives 3% of their income to the church.”

“Generous churches are teaching differently about money.”

“Generous churches are taking modeling to a new level.”

“A church sharing with others becomes magnetic both to believers and non-believers.”

“When a church gets to the point where generosity is that essential, its leaders start building it into every aspect of the church.”

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