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WEEK 5 - Disciple High Capacity Givers

Before You Get Started

This week’s big question:  What if you actually believed that the wealthiest people in your church are the underserved group in your church?

This week, I’ll be telling you how to really minister to this group of people in your church. It is totally possible to minister to high capacity givers in your church without showing ‘preferential treatment’. I’ll show you how…


Chris Willard
Leadership Network

Video Five - Disciple High Capacity Givers

This Week's Challenge...

Make a list of all of the ministry offerings available to people in your church who are struggling financially (e.g. benevolence, classes like Financial Peace University, etc.). Then make a list of all of the ministry that is specifically focused on those that God has blessed with wealth.  What does this analysis reveal?

Discuss With Your Team...

  • How would you describe our church’s ministry to those that God has blessed with wealth?

  • How well do we do the “ministry of asking”? How can we improve?


Have any questions about this masterclass?  Please contact Kate Lincoln on our support team. She’ll be happy to assist!