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WEEK 4 - Leverage the Weekend

Before You Get Started

Welcome to week four of the How to Accelerate Generosity & Stewardship Masterclass.

This week is all about the weekend.  How you preach and teach about stewardship is vital. And how you emphasize your moment of giving in your weekend services is a key part of your generosity strategy.

To be honest, most churches struggle to keep this area of their strategy fresh. But many times there are very small tweaks that you can make to your current service to make a great difference.


Chris Willard
Leadership Network

Video Four - Leverage the Weekend

This Week's Challenge...

Ask your tech team to create a video of the offering time during your services for the past several weeks.  If video of previous weeks is not available, ask someone to record this weekend’s offering time. Then, gather your team, watch the video and evaluate.  Was the offering moment clear? Compelling? Boring? Rote?

Discuss With Your Team...

  • On a scale of 1-10, how well does our team execute the offering moment during your weekend worship services?

  • How well does our team use the weekend to encourage generosity and discipleship?


Have any questions about this masterclass?  Please contact Kate Lincoln on our support team. She’ll be happy to assist!