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Gayle Haggard: Fight For What You Believe

May 25, 2011

I’ve discovered that defining moments come when we least expect them. What I faced threatened to destroy everything I cared about. I discovered the core beliefs and values I had been building into my life throughout my life are what sustained me. First – each of us is responsible for the lives we live. None of us can control others, or circumstances. We can decide how to respond. It is those decisions that determine who we are. I was going to fight for what I cared about. Marriage, Family, Friends, Faith. I was not going to see myself as a victim. I was going to proactively do what I believed.

During crisis we determine what we really believe.
– Do we say we love, or do we really love?
– Do we say we believe the teachings of Jesus, or do we put them in practice?

I believe in:
– marriage (meant wedding vows; chose to love my husband)
– family (pulled together, healed together).
– friendship (testing shows true friends).

When our faith is tested, our faith grows deeper.
– The gospel is power
– In the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed.
– It’s not about our righteousness.
– When we falter, God shows His love

When a brother falters, we have the power to give the loving kindness of God Face these defining moments head on. If you falter, your strength may be small, but know you can draw on the tremendous strength of God in that time.

Discussion Questions:
1. What beliefs are you willing to fight for?
2. Why do we have to falter before we realize we need God’s strength?

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