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FREE Webinar – DiscipleShift: 8 Moves for Changing Lives

April 26, 2017

The challenge for kingdom-minded church leaders increasingly involves shifting their focus from just building great programs to building great people. One approach develops discipleship offerings and methods, then recruits people into participation with the hope (and even conviction) that their involvement will turn them into missional Jesus-followers. It works – for some, even many.

But what about beginning with the individual person or their personal network, crafting a discipleship path for them that transforms their lives and impacts the lives of those around them?


Join us Wednesday, May 10th at 2 PM Central for a free, 45-minute webinar with author, speaker, and Leadership Network Director, Reggie McNeal.  This webinar highlights 8 key shifts for creating a discipleship culture that develops and deploys these viral kingdom agents.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to shift your thinking in several key areas, including:

  • From standardized to customized
  • From scripted to shaped
  • From didactic to discovery
  • From growing “into” service to growing “thru” service

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