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October 3, 2016

When Christ Fellowship Church launched their 9th campus in July, they were hoping for 500 adults.  “We knew we had a unique building that had a lot of community interest, but we had no idea how significant.”  Bill Tumulty, Executive Pastor of Multisite at the South Florida Church, explained that he has started disciplining himself to look at each campus and facility completely differently.  “Could we start a campus here?  It was easy to get stuck in a certain style of building or type of location because it worked in the past, but we’ve learned that kind of thinking was limiting our opportunities.”


Regular evaluation and updating their church’s multisite strategy over the last 13 years has given Christ Fellowship the ability to be ready for opportunities like this.  Whether it was restructuring their finances (including some tough ministry cuts) to save up for future building purchases, facing the hard reality about their leadership pipeline (subsequently creating an internal training program which feeds leaders into future campus roles), or reworking their ministry departments to accommodate added campuses, Christ Fellowship is constantly challenging their current ways of thinking to be ready for the future.

Six weeks after launch, their newest campus has already added extra services and even a second sanctuary experience during the prime 10:30 am service time (a brand new approach for them) to accommodate their surprise weekend attendance of 3,000.  “We have become really good at completely rethinking what we are doing…sometimes on the fly.  That seems to be how God likes to keep us.”

Learning how to ask the right questions and evaluate their strategy regularly has contributed to Christ Fellowship’s ongoing multisite growth.  Our free resource, “5 Questions to Ask about your Multisite Strategy,” can help set you on the right path as well.

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