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FREE RESOURCE: 5 Key Qualities of Campus Pastors

February 15, 2017


Campus Pastors have quickly become one of the most crucial roles at multisite churches across North America. However, as a church grows and expands, one of the first challenges to surface is a leadership gap, especially around the role of campus pastors.

“As we continue to work with multisite churches of different sizes and cultural contexts, we keep running into teams who can’t develop campus pastors fast enough to keep up with their vision,” explained Greg Ligon, Vice President at Leadership Network.

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80% of campus pastors are HOME TRAINED. How are you doing in developing new campus pastors?
Source: Leadership Network’s Campus Pastor Survey

If your multisite strategy is revealing a leadership development gap in your church, or if you want to learn what to focus on in developing future campus pastors, our free resource, “Five Key Qualities of Campus Pastors,” can help.

To download 5 Key Qualities of Campus Pastors, simply complete the form below.

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