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FREE RESOURCE: 10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job with Leadership Development

October 4, 2016

Ever wonder why some church’s ministries grow and multiply rapidly and others don’t?

Among many factors, one stands out across churches of all types and locations. It is the key accelerant to planting more churches, starting more campuses, and deploying more people to impact a city.

The difference maker? How diligent a church is in leadership development.


Over the past few years, Leadership Network has convened leading churches to accelerate their efforts in leadership development. These cohorts include about a dozen large churches that learn from one another’s models and together imagine a more fruitful pathway forward. These gatherings are part of HUB:Leadership Development, and you can learn more about it here.

Through these and similar high-impact settings, I’ve had a chance to have a ringside seat learning from the best models that have reproduced leaders for kingdom expansion. We’ve put these learnings together in a free resource, capturing 10 principles that form some of the best thinking in the church today on leadership development.

To download 10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job with Leadership Development, simply complete the form below.  In addition, I’ll send out other thoughts and ideas related to developing leaders in the church in the weeks ahead.

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