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Francis Chan: Unity

March 18, 2011

The Unity

One of the biggest changes in my life, the game changers, were the relationships with my elders. Men I trusted and loved. They were hard workers. They loved through adversity. I saw sacrifices they made for the gospel. They lived for the Lord. They encouraged me to think more biblically.

I liked the old system–I was more a loner and wanted to deal with my own relationship with God. But we kept looking and started asking:
– What actions do we need to be family?
– Decided to set the example
– What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine
– Let’s think through interdependence

I Peter: saved… in order to be part of something
v.9, 10 Royal priesthood…

I John 4:11: Love one another
We got convicted:
– in scripture leaders are held more accountable.
– It’s not just enough to do good things.
– Need the Bride to become what God called it to be
– One anothers
– Even if we lose people, we have to do this. Cain brought good stuff. But it wasn’t what God
asked for.

None of us had peace with where the church was at.
So we resolved – Are we willing to:
– To make the sacrifices
– Lose money
– Lose people
– Are we okay with that in order to pursue this?
– We said we have to.

At the time I don’t think we knew how much we would be giving up, or how painful it would be.
It’s been rough…but the beautiful thing is we have peace now.

Discussion Questions:
1. What kind of relationship do you have with your elders? Do you trust them? Can you go deep in the scriptures with them?
2. What is God calling you and your church to sacrifice in order to better be the Body of Christ?

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