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For People Too Trapped to Say No

October 19, 2010

Scazzero-Pete-Geri-2007.jpgThis book is for people who feel trapped in patterns where they are unable to say no. The subtitle says it all: Stop Pretending Everything is Fine and Change Your Life. This very readable narrative invites you to come alongside the personal journey of Geri Scazzero, a pastor’s wife in New York City, who affirms to her readers, in effect: “I broke the cycle, changed for the good, and you can do it too.”

It’s funny. It’s personal. It’s authentic. Geri’s not angry or bitter. She doesn’t just complain. She shows how she made a courageous decision of saying “no more” and how doing so led her marriage, parenting, and relationship with her church all to become more emotionally healthy.

What did she quit? For example, she quit being afraid of what others think. She quit lying – saying “I’ll be glad to do it,” but really wasn’t. One time she had invited her entire family over for one of their children’s milestones. Her husband thought it would be a great day to pass out evangelistic flyers in the neighborhood. “Would she mind?” She should have said, “Yes, I mind.” How could she be against reaching people for Christ? Instead she said “Fine.”

Readers male and female will identify with Geri’s account of trying to fit into her husband’s world and feeling she was letting down Pete, the church, and God if she didn’t go along. It’s a story of learning to “quit” the things that really don’t belong to Jesus’ kingdom and embrace the things that do — and how it changed the Scazzero marriage and their church as well.


By the way, I Quit! is a follow-up to the Gold Medallion Winner, Emotionally Healthy Church, which I co-authored for Geri’s husband.  


Their website is

It includes information on a March 29, 2011, conference titled The Pastor’s Marriage: The Foundation for Emotionally Healthy Churches and Ministries.  


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