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For one church, their radical future was a bus ride away…

June 23, 2009

Leadership Network recently hosted the first RadicalFuture Innovation Lab, where 9 churches dug into the question, 'what will women's ministries look like in the next 10 years?' Using a unique process of innovative thinking, each church team spent time researching, dreaming, collaborating and designing a plan of 'new'. New ideas, a new approach, a new way of thinking. And all in a new space designed to stimulate, percolate and perpetuate just such ideas.

According to Shelly Juskiewicz, Pastor to Women at Mariners Church   iInnLab group workn Irvine, CA, attending the RadicalFuture Lab was perfect timing. They desired to get their women connected not only with the needs in the community, but the with hearts of the women who lived there. Their Lab experience catapulted them into plans for a 'Diva Bus' tour that weekly leads the Mariners women out, not only meeting needs, but having critical conversations. Shelly says it's been interesting to see how this has stretched their women into new thinking and new relationships. Their initial outreach, a free lunch and diaper giveaway was launched through Craig's List, a centralized network of online communities designed to connect needs with resources. Shelly said it was great to watch the dozens of Mariners women serve food, hand out diapers to needy families and have life changing conversations.  Shelly says the time spent dreaming in the Innovation Lab was worth every moment, and their plans for weekly outreaches are growing,engaging their younger women who are passionate about making a difference in their community.

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