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LNP17 – Finding Fresh Ways To Fund God’s Work

Leadership Network Podcast | Episode 17

October 23, 2022

By Robert Frazier

Everyday church leaders can find themselves consumed  with searching for that magic bullet called resources. If God gives vision, we must follow him and pursue the opportunities that are before us, trusting in his provision while also considering funding options. See how one church is hurdling the challenges of finding resources and what God is doing there to bring glory to his name.

Leadership Podcast Series:

Church leaders are struggling to find ways to fund their ministries. With the decline of tithes and offerings, the church is at a crossroads. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming stress of financial hardship, many churches have been forced to close their doors and many pastors have left the pulpit altogether.

An even greater number of Christians find it hard to connect the mission of God into the marketplace. These everyday Christians who truly love Jesus want to live out the mission of God and see transformation in their workplaces and businesses. However, many feel unequipped, even defeated.

The Business Made Missional series will uncover what leaders are doing to identify various streams of income and lean into the mission of God by envisioning themselves as entrepreneurial missionaries. Every church member, missionary, and leader can do something to see the mission of God fully funded and unleashed.

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