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FCP 26 | Jeff Reed, Digital Church Network

March 15, 2023

The purpose of the Digital Church Network is starting and multiplying digital & metaverse disciple-making & church planting movements.

The heart of Digital Church Network is to do something different. They’re empowering a different type of planter to start different types of churches in different spaces, reaching a different type of person. Primarily a bi-vocational movement, they provide Community, Care, and Coaching for leaders who sense the vision of Jesus to seek and save the lost in digital and metaverse spaces.

They began early 2022, launching their digital community in February, which is now over 500 members strong! They just launched our digital church planter training called Launchpad. In addition, they also launched 12 church networks involving 70+ pastors and planters as they introduced New Thing’s Movement System into DCN.

Coming in the near future is a digital accelerator for existing digital ministries to up their ministry game, trainings on multiplying digital/metaverse missionaries, even soul care and mental health in the metaverse as well as an expansion of church planting networks within the metaverse. They plan on seeing over 1,000 people join their community by the end of the year.

Listen to Episode 26 of the podcast and access the show notes below.

Future Church Insights:

1. How digital churches can connect with physical churches.

With digital churches, people are able to connect with different types of people in these communities than what the physical church buildings are reaching. The way that the Digital Church Network operates is not in competition but rather it’s complimenting what the physical church is doing in hopes of finishing the Great Commission that God has called us to. The anonymity of these communities allows new people to come and share their struggles without the fear of being outed or exposed.

2. The difference in challenges between the digital church and the physical church. 

When it comes to physical church, often getting people to attend your service is the hard part. With digital church, it’s completely backwards. However, because of social pressure, in person church attendees usually stay for the whole service because they don’t want to be perceived as rude whereas in the digital church, leaving is as easy as clicking a button. So, with the digital church, the sermon is not the most important thing, but rather how you uniquely connect with those who choose to attend.

3. The key to evangelizing in the digital space.

Don’t make statements. It’s much better to use question marks than periods and never use an exclamation mark. It’s important that we try build relationships with people that are in digital community. These rules also apply to your physical church that’s doing digital ministry. You don’t want to yell at people, and you don’t even want to tell people what to believe right off the bat, but rather you want to learn from people. This is where you build relational equity and trust. This is where you build that a deeper friendship and overall relationship.

Goals and Desired Outcomes of the Digital Church Network:

  • By EOY 2023 – 10 movement leaders in digital & metaverse spaces
  • By EOY 2023 – 250 Network Leaders
  • By EOY 2023 – 5000 people in FAM – DCN’s Online Community
  • 30 Nations Involved
  • 1,000 people involved in Movement System (DCN’s Discipleship Process)


Key Quotes from the episode from Jeff Reed:

“When disciples make disciples, and those go and do the same, a movement is catalyzed. The problem is many churches are filled with seedless grapes: there is fruit, but that fruit isn’t reproducing.”

“Often movements are blocked because leaders aren’t reproducing more leaders; they simply do kingdom work without equipping others to lead as well.”

“The church doesn’t have a mission—the mission has a church.”

“These digital environments and meta worlds are in fact communities where people gather. And many of these people need Jesus. Opening the digital mission field not just for you as the church leader but empowering your church to embrace the digital/meta mission field is crucial to a digital church’s multiplication efforts.”

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