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Fast Forwarding Your Church’s Community Engagement

October 16, 2013

More churches are pioneering a shift toward community service. Not only are they deploying their own members; they are engaging people outside the church to work in the community. Missional Churches are strategically working together with other churches and non-church organizations to transform their cities and communities. Reggie McNeal, Leadership Network’s missional leadership specialist, examines the trends and other developments in these missional churches.

Leadership Network’s paper, Fast Forwarding Your Church’s Community Engagement, previously published by Reggie McNeal and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“More Americans are pursuing spirituality outside of traditional, organized contexts.”

“The missional conversation the past few years has moved church leaders more into ministry in the community—outside our church walls.”

“Participation in service is increasing.”

“Missional churches are increasingly working in cross-domain collaboration.”

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