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Externally Focused

August 17, 2012

“Authentic ministry outside the walls and in the community will ultimately be done because we are Christian, not to convert you and count you. External focus can never be a commodity—a transaction we engage in to get something in return—or the best efforts will fail.” 

This challenging thought from Eric Swanson is just the beginning of nuggets of learning as he explores why externally focused churches are becoming the new norm. 

40 years ago, most church leaders focused their ministries and attention on those attending the church on Sunday mornings.  Recently, though, churches are changing their focus to create an environment where there are not just “episodes of mercy” but a culture where serving and engaging the community is the norm.  These churches are creating a new normal of community service blitzes, blessing their community in practical ways, and equipping people to serve within their neighborhood.  Engaging with the community is a becoming a standard practice of the Christ-follower in many churches and not just something set aside for the few servant hearted folks of the church.

Read more of how you can change the DNA of your church to be externally focused throughout the year – not just on special service days.  Or, to find out more about authenticating marks and externally focused churches check out: What's Next?

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