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Eric Geiger: Stop What You’re Doing

May 9, 2011

A mentor told me, “Stop doing ministry!” I was trying to meet all the needs by myself. It was a “Jethro conversation.” Exodus 18 Jethro talks to Moses about attempting to meet all needs himself. Jethro tells Moses to set up an organization to distribute care through Godly leaders. Game changing moment: Realizing that when I became a pastor, I essentially left the ministry. As Christians, I’m always a servant, never above anything. As pastors we are called to prepare others for ministry. Often hear about the lack of engagement of the people in the mission of God and ministry of the local church. The problem isn’t the people. The problem is faulty ministry philosophy — an overreliance on clergy. Typical view of ministry: [pastors]->minister->[people] Abhor! This hampers spiritual growth. It teaches people to be consumers and moochers rather than servants and participants. Ministry is hampered. It is limited to a couple of professional people. It is contrary to the biblical view. Biblical view of ministry: (Eph 4:11-12) [pastors]->prepare->[people]->ministry Pastors leave ministry behind & equip other people to do ministry. When you do this, the church flourishes. People understand their spiritual gifts and can be used by God to move the Gospel forward.

Discussion Questions:
1. Am I preparing others to do ministry?
2. Does my congregation understand spiritual gifts and how they can use them?

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