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Episode 12: Bryce Ashlin-Mayo on Preaching

August 21, 2012

On this episode of Social Media Church, DJ Chuang talks with Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, who is doing doctoral studies on the effects of information technology and social media on preaching. Since he is studying this topic in-depth, a podcast episode can only begin to the scratch the surface on the many issues to explore and consider with regards to making preaching (and teaching) more effective in the world we live in that’s saturated with social media. Bryce noted how times have changed drastically, and preaching, not so much:

Most pastors, including myself, have a tendency to enter the homiletic act with presuppositions based on former questions, presuppositions and assumptions. These questions, presumptions and assumptions were designed and based on a culture and society that once was, rather than now is. I think this tendency is largely due to an ignorance regarding the seismic change that is occurring culturally around us. This change is ubiquitous and will effect everything – including preaching. — via Preaching in the “Age of Anxiety”

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