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Encouraging Senior Pastor Couples

June 28, 2016

“I learned more than any conference I’ve ever gone to.  Invaluable advice from people who have gone before, have done what we’re doing, and turning around and answering questions of those just behind us.”  (Retreat participant)

RetreatWhat if you had an opportunity to create a similar retreat experience for senior pastor couples?  What if your investment in 6-7 senior pastor couples helped strengthen their marriage for years to come, and thus impacting the church and the Kingdom of God in ways only known in eternity?

The Mentor Pastors Network is a program designed to provide senior pastor couples a time together for spiritual refreshment, rest, relationship, and renewal with God and their spouse.  To accomplish this goal, Leadership Network identifies Mentor Couples who have a passion for investing time, energy and relationship into the marriages of senior pastors.  They, in turn, host an annual retreat for 6-7 senior pastor couples within their network of relationships.  Mentor Training

We recently trained and equipped 10 new Mentor Couples in June who will be hosting senior pastor couples retreats all across the United States and Canada in the coming year.  The time together with the new couples, as well as alumni Mentor Couples, was filled with  testimonies of the impact the retreats had on the senior pastor couples who attended.  The stories were inspiring, humbling, and energizing all at the same time for the Mentor Couples.

Our next training will be in February in Florida and we are looking for more Mentor Couples willing to invest in senior pastor couples.  If this is of interest to you, please contact Chris Mattix for an interview. This may be “the most strategic ministry opportunity you’ve ever had.”

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