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Effective Marriage Ministry

July 15, 2013

At Leadership Network we are constantly asking the question, ”What's trying to happen?”.  What we mean is that we are scanning across the landscape of churches across North America and Europe looking for trends, common problems, ministry opportunities and challenges. We are trying to identify those issues where there is a need for some significant innovation and where some very well led churches are currently trying to solve the problem or seize the opportunity.

One of those areas where we think there is a tremendous need for innovation is in the area of marriage ministry. Fortunately, there are a some churches that are working diligently to create effective models of ministry to the married people in their churches and communities. One of those churches is Watermark Church in Dallas. And that's why I'm so excited that Watermark Church and Leadership Network are collaborating on the upcoming Marriage Ministry Leadership Community.

John McGee, the director of marriage ministry at Watermark Church and I are working together to put together a leadership community that will help churches accelerate effective models of marriage ministry. This leadership community will not provide one-size-fits-all best practices, rather it will help each of the participating churches to create a model of marriage ministry that will be effective in their unique church and community. This is going to be a great opportunity to collaborate with other very effective leaders to try to solve this very important ministry challenge.

How effective is the marriage ministry at your church?  If you believe that it is essential that your church create a very effective model of marriage ministry, this leadership community may be for you.  Please visit Marriage Ministry Leadership Community for further information or contact me, Chris Willard at

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