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Drop Like Stars – Rob Bell

September 8, 2009

drop like stars book coverRob Bell's latest book Drop Like Stars explores the relationship between creativity and suffering.

If you're familiar with Bell's sermons, tours, and previous works,
it won't be phenomenally new content.  In fact, the book almost stands
in defiance of content, as I'm guessing if all the text was put into a
Word document it'd be about five pages worth.

It's really an over-sized coffee-table style book, and it's visually
beautiful.  You're not paying for content but an guided tour on some of
Rob Bell's best thoughts.  In typical fashion he shares intriguing
off-beat research and stories to draw you in.

Two things I think we can learn from the book.  One being that he's
able to convey deeply biblical concepts in a language that anyone could
understand.  He speaks on very core issues of suffering and creativity,
which is something everyone stumbles through in some way or form.

Secondly, I think we can all learn a bit about the packaging.  I
think it takes serious guts to fill two pages with only three words. 
Bell really practices the less-is-more paradigm here, and it'll
definitely irk plenty of people who pay for the book.

If you truly believed that less-is-more, how might you be doing things differently?

Lon Wong

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