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Driscoll explains why use video sermons

July 3, 2008

This is the most thorough explanation I’ve heard about the rationale behind using videos for Bible teaching and sermons. In this video, Videology: Why we use videos, Mark Driscoll explains why Mars Hill Church (Seattle) uses videos as a multi-site church.

Mark covers topics like using video as the delivery method of preaching/ teaching at multiple locations, the role of technology in Sunday services, use of video to deliver the preaching of God’s Word, and answers questions from various aspects, including theological, historical, cultural, as well as practical. Watch the entire video online or download the video in m4v format. The video is 36 minutes long. (Told you it was thorough!)

You may also watch the video in 4 parts via YouTube.

DJ Chuang, Director at Leadership Network

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