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Does Online Church Hurt Attendance at Your Physical Location?

May 22, 2017

By Warren Bird

Are you curious whether online church helps or hurts attendance at the physical locations of churches like yours? 

Overall, do you think the growth of online church has been a good thing for the Christian movement?

Or what about experimentation over microsites, such as “dinner church”? What kind of microsites are most popular in churches your size?

What about church use of predictive analytics to find spiritually receptive people?

We’ve got a bunch of front-line questions like these and we want to collect opinions from people like you about churches like yours.

Our large-church pastors and staff survey is still open, and we’d love to get your take on questions like the ones above.

If you participate in the survey, know that you’ll be helping thousands of others learn from your perspective.  We are also giving away some pretty cool rewards and prizes! Simply click the link below. Thank you.

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