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Does “Clarity of Mission and Purpose” Change with Church Size?

January 5, 2016

clarity of mission and purpose

By: Warren Bird

The surprising answer is yes. The general trend (there are always exceptions) is that the larger the attendance or growth rate, the more likely a church’s leadership is to strongly agree that “our church has a clear mission and purpose.” In fact, it’s a striking contrast:


– 79% for churches with attendances of 2,000 and higher

– 41% for churches with attendances of 50-1,999


For this and other national research on very large churches, download the free report, Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches: Megachurches 2015 Report, authored by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, and sponsored by the Beck Group.


For other information on large church issues, see Leadership Network’s page on global megachurches and also on large church financial issues .


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