Data Privacy & Security Toolkit

Data is a powerful tool that, harnessed properly, can accelerate your ministry’s ability to change lives and respond to the needs of your people. We know data privacy and security is often an intimidating initiative to begin. But, with recent widespread changes in legislation like GDPR, where users have more rights around their personal data and can grant consent to other s for use of that data, and the California Online Privacy Protection Act, having a plan for data privacy and security is no longer optional. At Leadership Network, we not only see good stewardship of data as a means for legal compliance, but a moral imperative. 

In this Toolkit, you will find four key tools to help your church establish a foundational policy that  supports your current or future data use:

  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Terms of Use Template
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) Overview
  • Congregant Communications Email Template | (214) 969-5950
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