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Dangerous Faith

December 14, 2007

Great book by Joel Vestal… and very convicting.

This was definitely one of the best books on missions thDangerous_faith_3at I’ve read!  Joel does an awesome job with weaving together passionate pleas for us to be missional-minded with inspiring stories of his many missions adventures.  My favorite chapter was “Money: Enabler or Entangler?” We can never be reminded enough that the real issues of giving our resources to further the kingdom of God are these: Are our hearts pure?  Are we devoted to Jesus and His purposes around the world?  Is our commitment to invest in the kingdom of God greater than our commitment to our own financial security and wealth?

I love Joel’s heart.  He is kingdom-minded to the core… and you can see his heart for people to know Christ woven throughout every page.  Amazingly, Joell has been doing missions in some form since his teens… and you can tell his passion only grows the more he walks with Christ.  If you find your heart growing cold or indifferent towards people… if your compassion capacity is low… if you want a better understanding and insight into what God is up to in the world, get this book!

Joel’s intro and the foreword by Louie Giglio are alone worth it. wink

Darren Plummer

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