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Dan Kimball: Stages

July 15, 2011

Understand that if we love Jesus, we must love the church despite its (and our) messy-ness. Was hurt by another staff person. Perhaps my expectations of church were incorrect.
Look to the New Testament
-The church is a group of people committed to Jesus
-It’s going to be messy because we are broken human beings.
– You want to clean up messes.
– You want to be forgiving, humble, and serving.

A pattern I see, especially among younger people. What happens when someone gets disillusioned by church? (partial hyperbole)
1st stage – Enter church. Excited.
2nd Stage -Get involved. Feel privileged to be inside
3rd stage – We see things we question.
4th stage – We are tired of serving. Routine. Suspicious of the leaders
5th stage – Total disillusionment.
6th stage – Silently drop out of church. discover nonorganized church. Get excited to do church the right way. Find same disappointments in the new church. Get more disillusioned.
7th stage – Give up and stop going to church
8th stage – We pass time wondering what its all about.
9th stage – Missing Christians, and desire to be a part again.
10th stage-Cautiously go back. Expectations are reshaped.

Church will be messy. Teach people a Biblical expectation of church. Church is messy. But Jesus loves the church. Help keep it clean.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you know that has experienced this cycle?
2. Why is it so common for people exposed to the mechanics of a church body to become disillusioned with the church?

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