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Custom Compensation and Benefit Analysis for Your Church Staff

May 9, 2016

charts and graphsAnalysis for Appropriate Compensation

How much should you be paying your pastor? Are you paying your pastor enough to meet the cost of living in your area?

Most churches have no idea what a fair compensation package is for their pastor or any member of their church staff.

Our partner Vanderbloemen Search Group, a premier church consulting firm, provides a tailored, objective compensation analysis specifically geared to your church’s size, geographic setting, specific job descriptions, and type of church. Dave Travis, CEO of Leadership Network advises, “Every church with income over 2 million dollars needs a custom survey every two or three years because:

  • It mitigates the legal risk of your church regarding compensation. An analysis can help avoid potential blind spots for churches regarding pay, severance, and benefits.
  • The competition for quality staff is high and you never want people to leave because their compensation package.
  • You never want to be surprised with “sticker shock” when you go to hire a new position. You might as well be competitive at all times.
  • Scrutiny is constantly increasing on these issues from outside groups and governmental agencies. The wise approach is to have outside help give you qualified opinions to help you make well-informed choices.”

What Our Report Includes

Vanderbloemen Search Group, in conjunction with Leadership Network, has access to compensation data for tens of thousands of churches and non-profits which, when coupled with our consultants’ experience,  provides objective parameters for fair and competitive compensation for your team.

Vanderbloemen Search Group will analyze your staff position(s) based on size, budget, and location of your church or organization.

The competitive analysis will include data from the most current data from Leadership Network, which runs the nation’s largest-scale compensation study of churches with attendance of 1,000 or more, in addition to other respected public and private compensation survey sources.

The research and recommendations will be documented in a comprehensive report for your board, elders, and/or leadership team. The report will help you determine the appropriate compensation package that is at the same time competitive and congruent with Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Learn More

Pricing is customized for each church, based on the number of roles to be analyzed. Please contact for pricing and information.


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