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Curious about Microsites for Your Church?

February 14, 2017



By Kadi Cole and Warren Bird

Is your church experimenting with or interested in developing microsites?

A microsite is an intentionally small campus that offers a weekend experience, usually via video.  Churches all over North America are experimenting with this new strategy to reach populations that are unique (think nursing homes or college campuses), distant (rural towns or in a different state), or to “test out” potential full-scale campus sites (do we have enough people interested to fully invest there?).

This is a newer trend with a few churches leading the way, but we would love to hear what you are trying—or a church you know about.  Take our 4-question poll to get an instant look at the results we are collecting, and then watch for a future blog post where we’ll further share about the discoveries!

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Thank you very much! We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you. Sign up here for Leadership Network Advance (free subscription) for news and updates on other trends, resources and practical ideas for churches.



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