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Culture Shift : Transforming Your Church from the Inside Out

April 16, 2005



by Robert Lewis and Wayne Cordeiro, with Warren Bird

When you understand your church’s unique culture, you gain the key to its future. Culture defines who you really are, and what you can become.

In Culture Shift, Robert Lewis and Wayne Cordeiro take an intense look at how to transform a church from the inside out. Flowing from their personal experiences in building two equally compelling but radically different churches, Culture Shift shows pastors and other church leaders how to:

* Build an irresistible church culture
* Change a culture that is at odds with your vision
* Recognize the signs of genuine forward progress
* Keep your new culture aligned with your mission

Want to know more about Culture Shift?  Listen to the authors discuss how this book can be a positive impact on you and your church.  Click here to find out more!

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