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Culture Killers – Dr. Sam Chand

February 1, 2011

The Leadership Network team has come to see Dr.Sam Chand as an adjunct member of our team. His connection as coach to pastors of large churches literally around the world brings great insight to our work. We were thrilled to partner with him in publishing his most recent book, Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code.

Contrary to the popular “vision is king” perspective as the key to an organization’s success, Sam suggests that “Culture – not vision or strategy – is the most powerful factor in any organization.” He also believes that a “toxic culture” can kill the most precise and compelling of visions. Early in the book he identifies the following culture killers:

  • unrealistic demandsSam-Book-Cover
  • blaming others
  • feeling threatened by others’ success
  • power struggles
  • dishonesty
  • creating an atmosphere of fear
  • using people instead of valuing them
  • unclear vision, strategy, goals and values
  • lack of authenticity

Are any of these at work in your church or organization? Or perhaps you have identified others – please share those by replying in the comments section.

Dr. Chand has also developed an online cultural assessment that you can take for free at

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