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Craig Groeschel: Less is More

May 23, 2011

A game changing thought that impacted me… Doesn’t seem like a big thing, but has made a big difference. I heard less is more. I believed more is more. Sometimes it is. Finally internalized and believed less is more.
Less time leads to a better result.
– More time leads to sloppiness,
– More time, less creativity
– Less time, more creativity (forces it)
– On our team, we don’t make long term plans anymore.
– The 5 year plan is dead and stupid.
– Instead try to be prepared and flexible to respond to God.

Fewer resources lead to greater innovation:
– Build small and use more often,
– Keep staff lean (35% of budget),
– more volunteers raised up.

Less structure is often better
– As you grow, have to have systems and structures
– But most over-structure,
– Someone makes a mistake, so they write a policy,
– Policies, paperwork, and boards drastically slow innovation, flexibility, and progress
-Removed layer of management – I don’t like to hire people to manage. I like to hire people to do. – With less structure we now minister to more people.

Less is more.

Discussion Questions:
1. Wrestle with the idea that the 5 year plan is dead. What are your thoughts? Does the idea make you uneasy? Relieved?
2. Create a 3-D picture of your church in your mind. Building, staff, structure. Now begin to prune for health. Write down what must be cut.

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