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Could video mean the end of preaching?

March 25, 2009

The cover story of Next-Wave Ezine this month was an article by Bob Hyatt, “Video Venues: The Death of Preaching.Issuecover
This is an excerpt of his concerns:

The technology that once enhanced the preaching of others, influenced and enriched it? It's making it superfluous. Start up churches and smaller churches that used to have a team of three or four elders (or in our case, seven) who would be called on to teach on a regular basis now have a video screen and a “campus pastor” that gets to preach at most once a month.

… there will be fewer and fewer men and women (most certainly fewer women) who ever learn to preach, who ever get the experience of working with others to discern what God is saying to their local body through Spirit and Word and prayerfully struggle through how they can creatively communicate that as well over the course of weeks, months and years of life together.

We're talking about the death of preaching in evangelicalism by all but a small handful of Celebrity Communicators who have little knowledge about those they teach from such far distances.

… Please understand: I recognize that the vast majority of those engaged in video venues have, at their core, a passion for seeing people come to know, love, and follow Jesus.

Read the full article for the full context of Bob's perspectives. No doubt that video teaching is connecting with thousands of people all over, and it's proven to be an effective tool to reach many. And, granted, no single tool will reach everyone.

Should church leaders be concerned for the overuse of video teaching? What do you think? How can the next wave of gifted communicators be trained?

// DJ Chuang is a Director at Leadership Network, launching digital initiatives, and connecting multi-site churches and Asian American pastors.

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