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Correcting Media Statements about You and Your Church

May 22, 2017

By Warren Bird

When the media says something bad or inaccurate about the church you serve, especially if it’s a high-visibility church, it hurts all of us. But with your help, we can change many of those reports.

Several times each week we get requests by the media for a statistic, an example, or a quote about a trend. This ranges from a local reporter, maybe from your area, to national voices like New York Times or Christianity Today. We want to correct any mis-impression by gathering real data about today’s pastors and church leaders.

You can provide that information and insight by taking part in a major survey we’re conducing.

The opening page explains a bit more about this unique project, including incentives we offer for your participation, and promises of absolute confidentiality.

Please take the time to help shape what the newspapers, magazines and social media report about churches like yours and leaders like you. Many thanks for your Kingdom investment.

Here’s the survey link — survey closes 6/30

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