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Join the Revolution

Everything’s changing.
The world is in flux.

Everything's changing. The world is in flux.

And in ministry, there are no guarantees.

The change won’t stop. It will only accelerate. And through it all, faithful leaders will keep asking: What does Jesus want? How can we follow him today? And what will make the biggest impact in the future?

Spoiler alert—we don’t have the answers. But we believe leaders like you do.

That’s why we exist.

  • Become More Adventurous

    Join trailblazers working with new technologies, frameworks, and expressions of church (including micro and meta).

  • Become More Courageous

    Boldly communicate Jesus to a chaotic culture. Get the resources you need and a community that wants you to thrive.

  • Become More Fruitful

    Generate healthy growth, create a healthy culture, and implement sound management practices.

  • Sustain 100X impact for decades to come.

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