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Conversations: Scott Ridout on Going beyond ‘General’ Generosity

November 20, 2014

We are excited to continue a new Leadership Network blog series called Conversations on Church Innovations.” These video and audio posts feature candid conversations with innovative church leaders from across the country talking about the areas of ministry they are passionate about.

Scott Ridout Lead Pastor,  Sun Valley Community Churchin Gilbert, AZScott Ridout, the first Youth Pastor of Sun Valley, became Lead Pastor.  For the first 13-1/2 years of its existence, Sun Valley rented and borrowed facilities. This created many challenges when it came to accomplishing its mission.  The leadership team at Sun Valley had a dream of having a permanent facility as a base of operations from which to work. In 1999 we purchased 9.15 acres on Ray Road near Lindsay in Gilbert.  For the next four years, the people of Sun Valley responded to this dream with time, talent and treasure – funding as well as building our first worship center brick by brick.  In June 2003, at its first owned facility, Sun Valley opened the doors to the community.  When over 800 people showed up at those first services, it was apparent that God really was up to something big.

Leadership Network Director Chris Willard had the opportunity to talk with Scott Ridout about how to engage people in the church during their most “unlikely” time or seasons with concepts on how to go beyond general generosity, how to budget, how to get “right side up”. Enjoy this Conversation!


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