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Conversations: Josh Whitehead on Simplifying Your Leadership Pipeline

December 4, 2014

We are excited to continue a new Leadership Network blog series called Conversations on Church Innovations.” These video and audio posts feature candid conversations with innovative church leaders from across the country talking about the areas of ministry they are passionate about.


Dr. Josh Whitehead is Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church in West Knoxville, TN.  Josh became Executive Pastor in 2005, during a time when the church had plateaued in attendance. Since that time, Faith Promise Church has almost doubled in weekly attendance. Josh’s goal is to lead by implementing the vision and values of the church through the staff and ministries. He doubled the staff in three years and developed comprehensive hiring, coaching, development, and evaluation plans. 

Josh and his wife, Kim, have been married to for ten years. They have 2 children – Hayden Thomas (7) and Madison Kaye (5). You can find out more and keep up with Josh on his blog at

Leadership Network Director Brent Dolfo had the opportunity to talk with Josh Whitehead about how to make sure that you have a leaders that are equipping other leaders in a way that “hand-offs” are smooth and that beginners have a simple pipeline to follow.  More importantly, Josh talks about real timelines for how to accomplish such a huge goal and necessary development process.  Enjoy this Conversation!



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