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Conversations: John McGee on the Marriage “Health Club, Hospital and University” Approach

November 27, 2014

We are excited to continue a new Leadership Network blog series called Conversations on Church Innovations.” These video and audio posts feature candid conversations with innovative church leaders from across the country talking about the areas of ministry they are passionate about.

john mcgeeJohn McGee, Director of ReEngage and Marriage Ministries at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TXGrowing up as a military brat, I really wanted to fly jets but after my conversion at the age of 16, my greater desire became to help people understand who Christ is and experience Him and His grace the way I had. I married my high school sweetheart Pam and after 3 years as a Jr. High pastor in Houston we moved to Dallas to attend seminary. Our love for the church, people, and God’s Word grew as we jumped in and has continued after I graduated and joined the staff at Watermark. I’ve never see anyone walk on water or raised from the dead, but I would put many of the incredible marriage-turn around stories I’ve seen here in the same category.

Leadership Network Director Chris Willard had the opportunity to talk with John McGee about preparing newlyweds, equipping couples and establishing marriages in the truth of God’s love for unions. His love for investing in marriages and having a front row seat to all the amazing stories of life change at Watermark is apparent as he talks through the practical approaches used to do “check ups and check ins” with marriages. Enjoy this Conversation!

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