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Conversations: Joe Hishmeh on Why Everyone Wins When Your Church Is Generous

June 26, 2014

We are very excited to continue a new series at the Leadership Network blog today called “Conversations on Church Innovations”.  These video and audio posts will feature candid conversations with innovative church leaders from across the country talking about the areas of ministry they are passionate about.

Today we continue our series with a short talk with Joe Hishmeh.  Joe serves as the Lead Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, KS. (The average age of the church is just 28 years old!).

Joe is passionate about sharing Jesus with those around him; in fact Joe says “I want to share Jesus with everyone. If I care about you I will share Jesus with you. If you reject him, I will still love you. If you reject me, I will learn from Jesus how to continue loving you.”

Leadership Network Director Chris Willard had the opportunity to to talk with Joe Hishmeh about some of the things that they are learning at Fellowship Bible Church in the area of leadership and generosity.  Enjoy this conversation!

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