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A Conversation with Justin Dean about Church PR in the midst of Tragedy: Podcast 225

By September 5, 2017 No Comments

The recent disaster in our country proved one thing true, our churches weren’t prepared on how or what to communicate in the midst of the storm. While some churches communicated beautifully, others over communicated and some didn’t communicate at all.

When megachurch pastor Joel Osteen seemed to be silent for a moment in the midst of tragedy, people on social media were quick to attack him for not opening his facility in Houston, Texas to those in need. It turned out only to be not true as it was nothing more than a lack of communication between him and the public. His church was also flooded and he wasn’t able to immediately open the doors and risk doing more harm than good.  Everyone has an opinion on what he should have done and I’m sure if he had a do-over he might have done things different. This podcast is not about Joel Osteen, but it is about what every pastor faced in the midst of this storm when you feel speechless, but the world is looking to your words for comfort and direction.

Needless to say, public relations or PR, can be critical in times like these.In this episode Justin Dean, author of PR Matters: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators, shares with us about the importance of church PR today. Nils and Justin also talk about how churches should respond to disasters and how church leaders should handle crisis situations.

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