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‘Convergence’ and ‘Next Level’ Multisite Churches

February 11, 2014


I had a conversation recently with a leader in a large, growing multisite church that is on a path to 20 locations over the next 1-2 years.  In addition to expanding their regional presence through multisite, they are taking steps to extend their international presence, as well as exploring how to resource even more churches through a ‘network’ or ‘affiliate’ model, two strategies that are becoming more common among churches with more than 10 locations.  It is exciting to see how God is using their influence to impact the Kingdom!

When I asked him to share where he was as a leader during this exciting season of ministry, he referenced a book by Dr. J Robert Clinton that has been used for years as a core ‘textbook’ on pastoral leadership: The Making of a Leader.  In it, Clinton outlines various phases leaders may encounter as their lives unfold.  One of those phases Clinton named “convergence”, in which God moves the leader into a chapter of effective ministry that uniquely matches his or her gifts, experience, and expertise.  It comes as a culmination of all previous phases and is facilitated by one’s consistent response to God’s work in the life of the leader.  You might think of it as hitting your leadership ‘sweet spot’.

Churches In Convergence

As I reflected on this idea, along with other conversations I’ve had with leaders of large, multisite churches, I began to see this principle at work in those we serve at Leadership Network.  Over the years we have watched, resourced, and cheered on leadership teams as their churches have entered into something of a ‘convergence phase’.  Out of their sincere desire and disciplined response to God’s wiring of and working in their congregations, hundreds of these teams have journeyed into a season marked by incredible alignment, amazing innovation, and unbelievable impact for the Kingdom.

‘Next Level’ Multisite Churches

Over the next few years I believe we will see more churches experience new levels of influence and impact through their faithful response to the work God has been doing in them.  As we have done for the last three decades, Leadership Network will continue to create environments where these key influencers in the Kingdom can collaborate with one another, accelerate their learning, and multiply their impact.  This fall we will gather together churches that are pushing beyond 10 locations for a two-year experience that will help them develop strategic pathways and plans to reach their bold multisite visions.  If your team would like to join other entrepreneurial leaders of rapidly expanding multisite churches, visit the Multisite Next Level Leadership Community page and complete the online application.  We would love to hear what God is doing through your church and how this experience might hasten your journey into Kingdom ‘convergence’.

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