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Connecting with God: Developing an Authentic and Rich Devotional Life

May 14, 2014

devotionalThe church has a long, rich history of men and women who pursued God with all their hearts. Leadership Network’s concept paper, Connecting with God: Developing an Authentic and Rich Devotional Life, previously published by Pat Springle, shares many of the difficulties and breakthroughs a few next generation pastors have experienced in their personal devotion times.



Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“Every Church leader admits that a meaningful devotional life is important, but several factors conspire to dilute it.”

“To create a meaningful devotional life, wise leaders recognize the link between personality and particular models.”

“Compassionate ministry became a spiritual discipline where I learned to serve people as an ‘end’ rather than as a ‘means to an end’.”

“By far the most significant thing I’ve done to connect with Jesus is extended fasting”

“My role as a teacher is to capture the truth and be crystal clear, but the beauty and mystery of our relationship with God are beyond words.”

“The responsibility of starting a church made me realize that I couldn’t produce spiritual fruit. Only God could do that.”

“Some of the greatest moments of my spiritual life are in devotions with my wife.”

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