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December 10, 2015

When we ask Senior Pastor Leader Group Alumni what aspect of the group they found valuable, the overwhelming response is “connecting, interacting, and being encouraged by my peers.” Senior Pastors have a very unique role in their communities, and often times connecting with other Senior Pastors is tough to do during the normal course of activities.

Senior Pastor Next StepsOur Senior Pastor Leader Groups offer a solution to this gap.  Each Group meets 4 times over a 2 year period to connect, encourage, and challenge each other.  The 12 Senior Pastors in each group are also equipped with resources applicable to their season of life and ministry, and come from various traditions and tribes all across North America.   And, as group Alumni have confirmed, these groups will have a significant positive impact on your ministry and your leadership.

Next GenWe are currently interviewing for groups starting in 2016.  If you are a Senior Pastor, age 42+, with a Weekly Worship Attendance around 2000+ (adults and children), we would love to talk with you with you about our upcoming Senior Pastor Next Steps Groups. Click here to set up an interview.

If you are a Senior Pastor younger than 42, with a Weekly Worship Attendance around 800+ (adults and children), we would love to talk with you about our upcoming Next Generation Pastors Groups.  Click here to set up an interview.

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