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Confessions of a Reformission Rev: Hard Lessons From an Emerging Missional Church

April 2, 2006



Mark Driscoll

In his first book, The Radical Reformission, Mark Driscoll examined what it means to be missionaries in postmodern America. In this book, from the newly announced Leadership Network Innovation Series (Zondervan), Driscoll builds on his foundational theory that today’s mission field starts just outside your door, and that Christians can reach out lovingly without selling out theologically. He effectively uses humor and satire to encourage churches to reach their local culture with boldness.

Each chapter includes both principles and practices from the community of faith at Mars Hill in Seattle and their Acts 29 Network. Driscoll is entertaining as well as brutally honest as he provides an inside view of the church’s innovations, the mistakes they’ve made, and the hard lessons they’ve learned. Despite many failures, Mars Hill has experienced exceptional growth in an unlikely setting and has caught the attention of the media as one of the fastest growing emerging churches in America and what church growth researcher and expert John Vaughan from Church Growth Today calls one of the 10 most important to watch. Mark Driscoll has been named by Seattle magazine to its power list of the 25 most influential people.

This book explains what distinguishes the missional church from the traditional and contemporary churches both in principle and practice. This will help churches make the transition from a dated method of ministry to the future of church in the postmodern world. Each chapter includes both principles and practices that are helpful to both local church leaders and academic theoreticians due to its combination of insights from both worlds. This allows both sides to see why ideas and actions both matter and must be combined for effective missional ministry in the culture.

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