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Code For The Kingdom: Keeping Children Safe Online

April 14, 2014

Is your child safe online? John Critz is working to create an app that will help ensure that the answer is yes. He begin developing the app which he calls CubTab, at the Bay Area Code For The Kingdom hackathon in 2014 with friend and co-founder, Vin Thomas. The app works to help filter who children interact with online, and provide a protective communication barrier. This app is certainly needed as more and more children are becoming familiar with the online world at an early age. CubTab provides a kid-friendly interface to send and receive emails. Upon logging in, kids are presented with a fun interface where they are able to draw and take pictures, record voice messages, and send it to a friend. Additional moderation tools allow parents to filter what goes out and comes in by creating lists that allow or block specific email addresses. The project is currently in beta testing and John hopes to launch it soon.

This is not the only project that’s keeping John busy though. During the same Code For The Kingdom hackathon weekend that CubTab was being developed, he was presented with an opportunity to help a ministry in Africa that provides education to over 12,000 kids. The opportunity led to a trip to the organization’s headqaurters, where he was able to spending a week touring the facilities. After the tour John was able to assist them by designing an infrastructure to help them track the kids in their program. John is hopeful that the design will meet their needs and can be implemented. He credits the connections that he made at Code For Kingdom for the opportunity to travel to Africa and assist in a kingdom building effort.

John hopes to return and compete again in this year’s Code For The Kingdom event which will be held May 30 – June 1 in Redwood City, CA. Code for the Kingdom is a weekend Hackathon and an on-going ecosystem where global issues are tackled with a Christian perspective. If you are passionate about impacting the world, join us at our next stop, Redwood City, CA, as we release the creativity of the entrepreneurial community to address the challenges confronting our society, our churches, and our spiritual lives. For more details or to register to attend the event, visit

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