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July 23, 2010

One of the things we try to consistently do at Leadership Network is to take advantage of the different styles of adult learning. Some people learn from listening, some from seeing, some from sensing and others from doing. Some people learn reflectively, others learn from verbal processing. I have a friend who consistently says, “I don’t know what I believe until I say it.”

At our Leadership Community gatherings leaders normally express “what is,” “what could be” and “what will be” with pictures and models. Relationships are seen through such pictures and models. We also employ an artist who scribes all verbal presentations which, for visual learners is a God-send. We believe as Aristotle did: “The soul never thinks without a picture.”

This past week a friend sent me a link to presentations produced by

The first is a scribed presentation on “Drive” by Daniel Pink. The second is called “The Secret Powers of Time” which is insightful for understanding how people / cultures understand time. It also may be a format that you may want to explore for your own presentations. Click on this link to view this insightful presentation:

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