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Churches Lead the Way in Generosity

May 21, 2009

I love when the media catches the church doing something good.  Don't you?

This week ABC News, CNN, Fox News, USA Today, even the Huffington Post to name just a few ran a fantastic story about Cross Timbers Community Church, a multi-site church in north Texas.  Cross Timbers is a member of Leadership Network's Generous Churches Leadership Community and recently Pastor Toby Slough and Executive Pastor Jim Kuykendall decided to get very serious about generosity.  So serious that they have led their congregation to give away over $500,000 in just a couple of months.  It's been stunning. 

Toby Slough During a Fox and Friends interview this week Toby (pictured left) said that the reverse collection plate offering concept they have used is not a new idea.  “I have friends who are pastors around the country who have done that from time to time.”  Of course, he's right.  Generosity to those in need from the church is as old as the church itself.  But, it still feels good to see it, right?

I saw some more generosity from believers and the church this week from another powerful media source, the Oprah show.  My wife, the fabulous Susan, likes to DVR Oprah.  Sometimes she wants me to listen to Dr. Oz talk about cholesterol.  Some of you husbands know what I mean. Anyway, on Wednesday, Oprah's show was about Heroes in Hard Times and many of the stories were about Christ followers doing the Lord's work.  Go God! Go church!  

What's your church doing to demonstrate generosity to those in need?  Even if the media never notices, and they probably won't, it's the right thing to do.  Go for it!

Posted by Christopher Willard, director of Leadership Network's Generous Churches Leadership Community.   

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