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Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically – From the Inside Out

July 16, 2012

church-transfusionChallenges churches to transfuse themselves with the life-giving qualities and energy of the organic church movement.

In Church Transfusion Neil Cole and Phil Helfer, co-founders of Church Multiplication Associates, will first point out that change is possible with God, but only with God. In the second half of the book they will lay out some of the actual practical considerations to weigh if you want to release real organic health in your church.

Using multiple examples of very different kinds of churches that have been through the process, the authors present ways that leadership and practices need to change in order to release organic church movements from their midst. Chapters cover:

  • Leadershifts necessary
  • Detoxification from dependence issues
  • How to ignite change virally
  • How to grandparent movements
  • How to measure success in movements

This book (another in the Leadership Network series) applies organic life principles to established churches with practical help that is holistic and natural. The content in this book will be helpful whether you are pastor of an established church or wanting to revitalize a small organic church.

by Neil Cole and Phil Helfer

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