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Church Capitalizing on Public Funds to Fuel Ministries

May 29, 2013

Churches are often looking for ways to serve their communities through various not-for-profit ventures. Successful collaborations rely upon strong business models, building trust with the local community, and understanding client’s needs. The New England Dream Center has been able to do just that while serving the church, the community, and reconciling people back to God.

Leadership Network’s article, Church Capitalizing on Public Funds to Fuel Ministries, previously published in Advance , explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the article:

“It has taken years to strip away some of the prejudice we initially received in the city because we are motivated by our faith.”

“Sometimes, churches become a mall of social services that seem disjointed from the church's culture and central mission.”

“We are trusted now because we’ve proven our good motives and intent: to love people to life, and not in a coercive way.”

“When being a social service provider or providing a social entrepreneur product or service, the goal is to provide the best so that people want to participate or purchase your service because it is the best, not just because it is faith-based.”

“Make your social service programs and endeavors the best, so they are known for quality and love, thereby being a witness to the God we serve.”

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