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Creating a Culture of Healthy Church Growth and Multiplication

The World Continues to Change

As seasons and times change, the church stands at the intersection of innovation and irrelevance.

At Leadership Network we are positioning ourselves to help the church dream and execute innovative practices that increase church multiplication and healthy growth.

When healthy churches grow, multiplying disciples are made and missionaries are deployed. We believe that Church Next is a healthy resource designed to inspire the church to innovate for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

The change won’t stop. It will only accelerate. And through it all, faithful leaders will keep asking: What does Jesus want? How can we follow him today? And what will make the biggest impact in the future?

  • Disciples made

    From Jesus forward to today, the focus of the church has always been disciple making.

  • Leaders raised

    Leaders producing leaders. Multiplying the impact of the church through servanthood.

  • Churches planted

    Generate healthy growth, create a healthy culture, and implement sound management practices.

  • Movements created

    God is on the move. He put his treasure within us so that His power is put on display and not ours.


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Myron Pierce

Director of Church NEXT

Myron is the most unlikely leader in his region. At the age 18 he stood before a judge while facing 200 years in prison due to his life of gang banging, drugs, and crime. Through a series of miracles the prison doors opened for him after 8 years. Myron received his B.A.. in Biblical Studies and Business Leadership at Grace University. He is currently working towards finishing his M.A.. in global leadership from Crown College.

Myron has authored several books, of which his latest book Digital Ministry has become a number one best seller on Amazon. Myron has launched a host of churches, organizations, and businesses. He is now the Lead Pastor of Mission Church, a grassroots inner city mission with a dream to saturate every inner city with diverse Hope filled churches.

He and his wife, Kristin, live in the heart of North Omaha with their three sons and daughter.

As seasons and times change the church stands at the intersection of innovation and irrelevance.